Benjamin Gundgaard

Benjamin Gundgaard is an e-commerce expert, a keynote speaker and a best selling author. He has helped his clients increase their conversion rates by 15% to 300%.

200 million USD revenue increase

Benjamin Gundgaard is the founder and owner of CustomerSense that helps companies maximize their e-commerce sales. In addition to building and optimizing e-commerce solutions, he is a renowned keynote speaker and a lecturer. He has helped his customers increase their turnover by more than 200 million USDs.

E-commerce expert

Benjamin Gundgaard has worked professionally with e-commerce for 15 years. In 2004 he founded CustomerSense, as he wanted to establish an independent and high-end e-commerce consultancy.

Significant business results

He has helped a comprehensive range of Europe's largest e-commerce companies increase their conversion rates in the range of 15% to 300%. These companies include TUI, GE, Barclaycard, Momondo, Deloitte, Danisco and Bring, etc.

Today Benjamin Gundgaard is one of the e-commerce professionals in Europa who has built and optimized the most e-commerce web stores. 

Get behind the scenes

Benjamin Gundgaards business life is all about how to make his clients business goals, usability, design and technology walk hand-in-hand at the highest possible level. This sometimes can be a challenge, as designers speak one language, developers another and directors a third.

When Benjamin Gundgaard founded CustomerSense, he therefore created a customer-centered methodology which includes all the steps of building an e-commerce store based on the customers shopping experiences.

So far, this methodology has been reserved for Benjamin Gundgaards clients. However, Smartphone E-commerce now gives you a complete and detailed insight into how to convert and retain smartphone e-commerce customers.

Benjamin Gundgaards clients

Below is a selection of the clients Benjamin Gundgaard has helped improve their conversion and retention rates: