Tamara Adlin

Tamara Adlin, Adlin Inc.
Former Customer Experience Manager at

The only book on mobile e-commerce you need!

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Gundgaard has created the most practical, data-supported checklist of changes to improve mobile e-commerce conversions I've ever read. Implement even just a few of his guidelines and watch your conversion climb!

Thomas Snitker

Thomas Snitker, Senior Research Manager, Lego A/S

Brilliant, exemplary, informative and engaging!

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Smartphone e-commerce already is a major part of the modern consumer life, and I believe we are just experiencing the beginning of a new mobile paradigm.

Some companies just recently have adapted to desktop e-commerce for real and all of a sudden, they now have to get ready for the mobile e-commerce landscape. It is difficult to be successful in a market where conditions change this quickly.

It is therefore very good news that Benjamin Gundgaard has written a thorough and easy to read book, explaining all the opportunities and pitfalls of mobile e-commerce. He has observed 100 real customers shop some of the world’s leading mobile e-commerce sites and has extracted the best practise essence from all of them.

He clearly illustrates all the steps of how to convert visitors into buyers and how to retain them. I can thus highly recommend “Smartphone E-commerce” to professionals working in digital marketing, communication and sales who wants to become successful with this new era!

Martin Thorborg

Martin Thorborg, CEO, Dinero

Smartphone E-commerce gives you full value for money!

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I have worked in the e-commerce industry since 1995 and I have sold software and services for several hundred million DKKs, most recently with the Dinero accounting system.

This has given me much knowledge about how people shop online and not at least what keeps them away from sites that do not meet their expectations.

Until a few years ago I thought that I had the big picture and that nothing could surprise me anymore. But then the smartphone came along and changed the entire e-commerce industry. Suddenly the screen was smaller, people could shop on the bus, in the plane and 100 other things also changed.

“Smartphone E-commerce” has provided me with many “I see” experiences and has thus opened my eyes in many ways. And since the book contains a staggering 50 templates and 279 guidelines on how to build a complete mobile web shop, it gives you full value for your money!

As a busy person, I also particularly like the fact that the book is easy to read, despite the many pages. I now feel much better prepared for the mobile e-commerce era and I can definitely recommend everyone to buy the book, as it can mean the difference between success or failure for your shop!

Thomas Rosenstand

Thomas Rosenstand, SEO expert & author

The ultimate guide for building mobile web shops!

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There was a time when it were the few fancy customers that visited online shops with their smartphones. This is now the old days, however, which only goes a few years back in time.

Today many online stores report that 40-60% of all customers browse with their mobile devices. This has had a major impact on the ever-important conversion rate, since the familiar “rules” for how to build web shops have been changed drastically.

The market therefore needs an ultimate guide on how to build mobile e-commerce web shops that convert the most visitors into buyers. However, this guide did not exist before Benjamin Gundgaard made it – and what a guide!

Not many professionals are able to research a complex theme and then communicate it as simple and clearly as Mr. Gundgaard. And with his recent work, he has - again - underlined that he is a world class capacity when it comes to building and optimizing e-commerce web shops.

If you follow the many instructions in “Smartphone E-commerce”, you will undoubtable improve your bottom line vastly. Just by implementing one or two of the instructions in the methodology, you will earn enough money to buy the methodology and earn back the costs of design and of programming these improvements!

Many good e-commerce books already have been written. A few of these you absolutely MUST read, understand and implement. This is one of them!

Brian Andersen

Brian Andersen, Former Head of E-commerce, Coop

I look at mobile web shops with brand new eyes!

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At Coop we have worked very closely together with Benjamin Gundgaard in the recent years, based on his previous “Sell more online” book, which increased our conversion rate by 50%. Due to this, I had high expectations when I started reading Benjamin’s new methodology on mobile e-commerce.

The new methodology turned out to be very well structured around all the best practice elements of how to build a mobile e-commerce web shop. Each chapter begins with insights from user tests of some of the world’s largest mobile web shops, followed by best practise guidelines as well as implementation ready templates.

Having read this methodology, I now view mobile web shops with brand new eyes, based on a complete framework on how to build the home page, the navigation, filters, search, product pages, the shopping cart, the checkout flow, etc.

One of the books major strengths is that it can be read from the beginning to the end, and then afterwards easily used as a reference point where you quickly can look up a solution to a specific problem.

I can thus highly recommend “Smartphone E-commerce" to anyone who wants to be best possible prepared for the mobile e-commerce revolution!